Healthcare Commercial Real Estate Services

Healthcare Services –

Are you affiliated with a healthcare group?   There are a wide variety of commerical real estate options regarding space needs in this industry.

Our team spends a great deal of time working in health care commercial real estate.

Healthcare Tenant Representation We represent medical groups to locate and analyze all of the lease options in their desired geographical or demographic areas in hopes of finding the best deal for their practice.

Healthcare Building Acquisitions We represent medical groups to acquire on and off market buildings to redevelop to occupy.

Healthcare Land Acquisitions We represent medical groups to acquire land to develop medical office buildings to occupy or lease.

Healthcare Development We represent medical groups to develop medical office buildings with financial proformas, development analysis, lease structuring, financing advisement, and construction management.

Healthcare Sale Leasebacks Is your group interested in finding ways to capture cash more quickly from commercial real estate than long term holds?  Does your group open many new sites each year…not want the headaches of managing properties…but want to capture the money that your lease produces over the value in a building?  If so, call us to further discuss how the sale leaseback process works.