How Do You Handle Business Trials That You Don’t Control?

How Do You Handle Business Trials That You Don’t Control?

Business Trials

I read an interesting post in a LinkedIn group discussing business trials that health care groups are facing.

The post referenced the following article:

Click here to read the article titled “Doctors Going Broke”

Below are my thoughts regarding this article and handling business trials:

The business trials that physicians are facing today regarding insurance reimbursements are similar to business trials that other business owners faced during the most recent recession and what some attorneys faced with tort reform.  Adaptation is key when outside factors (factors business owners don’t control) change the status quo.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Tough times are when the greatest businesses modify their approach to business trials and set themselves apart from the pack.

Check out the following articles that I read recently regarding big businesses that started in recessions and millionaires from the Great Depression!

14 Big Businesses That Started in a Recession

Great Depression Millionaires

How are you handling your business trials differently today?

Leaders don’t react to tough situations!  Leaders respond!

We spend a great deal of our time helping physician groups (and other business owners) to analyze lease space decisions (control expenses), develop/redevelop office buildings to own (control expenses and/or create new revenue), or help them to understand the value of sale leaseback transactions (capture equity in buildings sooner).

If you have some time, check out the below links to some business avenues that some physician groups (and other business owners) are using to find revenue that many hadn’t considered before:

Health Care Services

Lease Vs. Purchase Analysis

Investment Analysis

Development and Construction Management

Disposition Services

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Business Trials



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