Mission Del Lago Overview – San Antonio Commercial Land for Sale – 72.39 Acres Available

Mission Del Lago Overview – San Antonio Commercial Land for Sale – 72.39 Acres Available –

This overview details the entire Mission Del Lago Project including its history, residential/multi-family development, and project/area details.  For information specifically about the 11 commercial tracts listed for sale, please  click the below links to go directly to the specific tract’s summary.

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Mission Del Lago Overview

Mission Del Lago is a master-planned golf course community approximately 7 miles south of downtown San Antonio, Texas along the shores of Mitchell Lake. The Mission Del Lago project is comprised of finished residential lots, and entitled residential and commercial raw land. At completion, Mission Del Lago will consist of approximately 2,400 single family lots, up to 510 multi-family units, 103 acres of open space, two public schools, and 75 acres of retail/office/commercial property. 600 single family lots have been completed to date. Approximately 375 homes have been built and sold with residents already occupying the houses, and another 50 homes are either completed or are under construction.  7 additional residential lots have recently been sold and are pending ground breaking.  Metro Studies (includes San Antonio and surrounding communities) ranked Mission Del Lago number 20 in the San Antonio metro area for housing starts for the previous year as of the 2nd quarter, 2011.  A 280 unit apartment complex is completed, with approximately 93% occupancy. Mission Del Lago Golf Course, a public facility, was completed in 1989. An elementary school, built on land donated by the developer, is a TEA “Recognized” facility. The first phase of a park, including a tennis court, was  completed in the fall of 2011.  72.39 acres of commercial land zoned C3, C3, or MF18 fronting the already established residential, multi-family, and elementary school is being brought to market for sale for the first time publicly.  The 72.39 acres of commercial land has been divided into 11 tracts ranging from 1.22 acres in 32.20 in size.  All tracts have been priced at appraisal value.  The appraisal was completed on March 28, 2012.

Mission Del Lago Project Location

The Mission Del Lago project is located 1.1 miles south of the 410 Highway Loop with direct access to Highway US 281 south. The 410 Loop is the major highway circling the San Antonio metropolitan area and connects the project to the trade areas to the east and west. Major employment centers in the area include: Toyota Manufacturing Plant (9 miles away), a satellite of Texas A & M University (4 miles), the Eagle Ford Shale oil businesses (7 miles), and the four (4) large military bases in the greater San Antonio area. A planned Mission del Lago road, per the Southside Initiative Community Plan, between US 281 and Highway 16 will connect Mission del Lago to the Toyota Plant within 4 miles.

Area Details

The subject commercial lots are located in the Mission Del Lago Subdivision which is situated to the west of Hwy. 281 (Roosevelt Ave) and south of Loop 410. This subdivision abuts the Mission Del Lago Golf Course which is an 18 hole, 7,000 yard, par 72 public course owned and operated by the Alamo City Golf Trail.   It was completed in 1989 and features a club house, snack bar, pro shop and asphalt paved parking lot.  Click here to read about the course.

One of the most significant developments in the immediate area is a new elementary school which was recently completed on an 18 acre site immediately north of Unit 7A and south of Unit 5. This 900 student facility known as Julian Gallardo Elementary School serves the subject subdivision plus the surrounding area.  Julian Gallardo Elemenatary School is a TEA “Recognized” facility.   The Southside High School is located further south on Hwy. 281 at FM 2537.

Major economic generators on the south side include the Brooks AFB, Kelly/Lackland AFB complex, Stinson Airfield, the Toyota Manufacturing Plant and the new Texas A & M San Antonio Campus. Brooks AFB is located on the south side of S.E. Military Drive and east of S. Presa Street. This facility is home to Air Force aero space medicine program and the world famous burn center. Due to its important mission, this base has resisted any effort at down-sizing or closure. Kelly AFB is located further to the west and has been home to the Air Logistics Center. This facility has been undergoing a massive privatization effort (the Greater Kelly Redevelopment Commission) to replace those government jobs lost with private enterprise. Stinson Airfield is a secondary general aviation airport owned by the city of San Antonio. This facility is located on the east side of Roosevelt south of S.E. Military.

The Toyota Plant was completed in 2006 off Applewhite Road on a 2,000 acre parcel of land. This $800 million dollar facility has created over 2,000 jobs to build the Tundra Pickup. Several key suppliers have also constructed plants in the immediate Toyota area. Toyota recently announced that production of the smaller pick-up, the Tacoma, will be moved from California to the San Antonio facility.

The recent oil and gas play in the Eagle Ford Shale formation southwest and southeast of San Antonio, has driven increase in development activity in the surrounding area. A number of major oil drilling companies and suppliers have either purchased or built facilities to accommodate anticipated growth in South San Antonio.   Many oil and gas service providers feel that South San Antonio has become the most centralized location for their regional headquarters to meet the need for drilling projects to the West and East of the shell formation.  Baker Hughes, Weatherford and Haliburton’s recent investment into large facilities on IH37 between 410 S and 1604 could spur a need for additional housing, multifamily, office, and retail services in the immediate area.  Mission Del Lago’s close proximity to this area and established residential development positions it well to absorb some of these needs.


The developer has a total of 72.39 acres that are located along the west side of U. S. Hwy. 281 and the interior streets of Del Lago Parkway, Club House Drive and Mission Grande.  All properties are priced at appraisal value.  Appraisal was completed on March 28, 2012.

Mission Del Lago Tract #1 – 32.2 acres – Available – $1.25/SF – $1,750,000.00

Tract 1 – 32.20 acres – C2 Zoning – Active

Mission Del Lago Tract #1 is a 32.2 acre parcel with C2 zoning located along the west side of Hwy. 281 between Del Lago Parkway and Mission Grande. It features a more or less regular configuration with extensive frontage on Hwy. 281 as well as Club House Drive. Club House Drive is a two way residential collector street that features two way traffic, asphalt paving, concrete curbs and gutters. The land plan indicates an access ROW from Del Lago Parkway between Tracts #7 and #11. The topography is mostly level with a slight slope and is barren of trees. Power line easements are located along the frontage of each road.

Mission Del Lago Tract #2 – 12.1 acres – Pending – $1.10/SF – $580,000.00

Tract 2 – 12.10 acres – C2 Zoning – Pending

Mission Del Lago Tract # is a 12.1 acre tract zoned C2 located along the east side of Club House Drive. This tract abuts the existing Ranch Sierra Apartments to the south and also features mostly level topography and is barren of trees. A power line easement is located along the road frontage.

Mission Del Lago Tract #3 – 3.4 acres – Active – $1.20/SF – $180,000.00

Tract 3 – 3.40 acres – MF 18 – Active

Mission Del Lago Tract 3 is a 3.4 acre parcel zoned “MF 18” located at the northwest corner of Mission Grande and Club House Drive. It features a rectangular configuration, level topography, adequate frontage and is barren of trees. This tract also abuts the golf course and club house to the west. Mission Grande is a two way residential collector street that features two way traffic, asphalt paving, concrete curbs and gutters. No encumbering easements were noted.

Mission Del Lago Tract #4 – 8.8 acres – Active – $3.35/SF – $1,280,000.00

Tract 4 – 8.80 acres – C3 Zoning – Active

Mission Del Lago Tract 4 is an 8.8 acre parcel of land zoned C3 located at the northwest corner of Hwy. 281 and Mission Grande. This tract is rectangular in shape with level to slightly sloping topography and no tree coverage. Adequate frontage was noted on each arterial and a landscaped esplanade divides Mission Grande. A power line easement is located along the road frontage.

Mission Del Lago Tract #5 – 1.22 acres – Active – $4/SF – $210,000.00

Tract 5 – 1.22 acres – C2 Zoning – Active

Mission Del Lago Tract 5 is zoned C2 and located north of/and contiguous with Tract #4 on the west side of  Hwy. 281.  1.22 acre pad site. Rectangular in shape with level topography and no tree coverage. A power easement is located along the frontage.

Mission Del Lago Tract #6 – 1.27 acres – Active – $4/SF – $220,000.00

Tract 6 – 1.27 acres – C2 Zoning – Active

Much like Mission Del Lago Tract 5, Mission Del Lago Tract #6 is zoned C2 and located north of/and contiguous with Mission Del Lago Tract #4 on the west side of Hwy. 281. Mission Del Lago  Tract #6 is a 1.27 acre pad site. Also, like Mission Del Lago Tract #5 it is rectangular in shape with level topography and no tree coverage. A power easement is located along the frontage

Mission Del Lago Tract #7 – 3.6 acres – Active – $3.80/SF – $600,000.00

Tract 7 – 3.60 acres – C3 Zoning – Active

Mission Del Lago Tract #7 is a 3.6 acre parcel zoned C3 located at the southwest corner of Hwy. 281 and Del LagoParkway. Del Lago Parkway is a two way residential collector street that features two way traffic, asphalt paving, concrete curbs and gutters. A landscaped esplanade divides Del Lago Parkway and a traffic light controls this intersection. It features level to slightly sloping topography and no tree coverage.

Mission Del Lago Tract #8 – 1.8 acres- Active – $4.75/SF – $370,000.00

Tract 8 – 1.80 acres – C3 Zoning – Active

Mission Del Lago Tract #8 is a 1.8 acre pad site zoned C3 and located at the northwest corner of Hwy. 281 and Del Lago parkway. It features a rectangular configuration and slightly sloping topography and no tree coverage. A power line easement and a drainage easement are located along the Hwy. 281 frontage.

Mission Del Lago Tract #9 – 3.3 acres – Active – $2.70/SF – $390,000.00

Tract 9 – 3.30 acres – C3 Zoning in Front and C2 Zoning in Rear – Active

Mission Del Lago Tract #9 is a 3.3 acre parcel with C3 zoning in the front and C2 zoning in the rear that abuts Tract #8 to the north and features an “L” shaped  configuration with limited frontage Hwy. 281. A power line easement and a drainage easement are also located along the Hwy. 281 frontage. It features slightly sloping topography and no tree coverage.

Mission Del Lago Tract #10 – 2.9 acres – Active – $2.65/SF – $330,000.00

Tract 10 – 2.90 acres – C3 Zoning – Active

Mission Del Lago Tract #10 is a 2.9 acre parcel with C3 Zoning located on the north side of Del Lago Parkway, west of and adjacent to Tract #8. It is an interior tract that features an irregular configuration, mostly level topography and is barren of trees.

Mission Del Lago Tract #11 – 1.8 acres – Active – #2.75/SF – $220,000.00

Tract 11 – 1.80 acres – C2 Zoning – Active

Mission Del Lago Tract #11 is a 1.8 acre parcel zoned C2 located on the south side of Del Lago Parkway, west of Mission Del Lago Tract #7. It is an interior tract that features an irregular configuration, mostly level topography and is barren of trees. As noted previously, a ROW divides Mission Del Lago Tracts #7 and #11 to provide access to Mission Del Lago Tract #1 from Del Lago Parkway.

Mission Del Lago Area Information & Utilities:


Electricity, Water, Sewer, & Gas are available to all Mission Del Lago commercial land tracts

Flood Plain

Based on FEMA Map #48029C0640F, dated June 18, 2007, none of the subject tracts are encumbered by the 100 year flood plain.


The highest and best use of the 11 commercial land parcels is for investment and/or the sale of individual tracts to users or investors. The tracts are well suited for single user and multi-user investors to purchase for development, as well as owner occupant users that want to take advantage of traction from Miss Del Lago’s residential activity and aggressive bank financing for owner occupant projects in the marketplace.  Each of the subject tracts feature frontage on a major thoroughfare or a commercial collector street within the master planned Mission Del Lago. All utilities are available to all of the tracts. Further, each is of adequate size in relation to its probable future use.

All of the tracts are located within the city limits of San Antonio and are subject to zoning ordinances. All of the tracts except #3 are zoned either “C-2” or C-3” Commercial District. The “C-2” classification allows for numerous commercial uses to include retail, auto oil and lube, tire shop, alcoholic beverage store, etc. The “C-3” classification includes more intensive uses such as regional shopping centers, hotels, bars, taverns, auto repair, etc. Outdoor storage is not permitted in either classification. Tract #3 is zoned MF-18 which limits the development to apartment complexes with density of 18 units or less per acre.

As the residential base expands as evidenced by continued builder interest in the Mission Del Lago development, there will be demand for commercial properties. These uses could include retail centers, banks, restaurants, office/flex buildings, multi family, day care, automotive related business, etc.

Development Status – Residential

The Mission del Lago project is comprised of both entitled finished residential lots, and raw unplatted residential and commercial land. The water and sewer entitlements for the development are in the process of being garnered; it is otherwise fully entitled. The residential land is divided into 15 “units” which represent currently planned phases for development. At build-out, the project will consist of 15 residential units and 18 commercial units/parcels. To date, residential Units 3-8 have been developed and all infrastructure improvements are in place. Units 3-6 have been completely sold out. The majority of the unbuilt lots in Unit 7 are unsold inventory owned by the developer and reserved for semi-custom and custom homes. Eight unbuilt lots are privately held and some homes are built on double lots.

Unit 8 has a total of 251 lots, 7 of which have been sold for custom homes, 84 of which were sold to D.R. Horton and 5 to Lennar Homes as of February, 2012, and another 81 of which builders have under contract. In addition Horton bought an additional 23 lots in Units 6 and 7 in a bulk purchase and 9 lots from a former builder in Mission del Lago. After completing their model home, Lennar began to take down additional lots in December, 2011.

Development Status – Commercial

Of the 190 acres of commercial land not needed for roads, right of ways or open space, only an 18 acre parcel for the elementary school, a 3 acre parcel for the park and a 12 acre parcel containing the Rancho Sierra apartment complex have been developed. The apartment complex consists of 280 units and is independently owned and operated. Land for a second apartment complex is under contract.

Rancho Sierra – Existing Multi-Family

In 2003, the MDL partnership sold 12 acres for the construction of 280 apartment units to an apartment developer, which still owns and operates the Rancho Sierra apartment complex. According to the current owner, the complex is currently occupied at a rate of 93% and has a normal vacancy rate of 5-10%.


Mission del Lago is a large part of the Southside Initiative, a Community Plan in the City of San Antonio to develop the Roosevelt Corridor (Highway US 281) from downtown San Antonio. There is support from the City Planning Department and the City Council to further develop residential areas of the Southside to encourage commercial retailers to enter the area.

Existing Drainage Facilities:

There are significant drainage improvements in place in Units 3-8. These drainage channels and culvert bridges collect and channel stormwater from East to West and flow into Mitchell Lake, which acts as the master drainage facility for the project. Streets are used as main storm water conveyances in the City of San Antonio .  Phases 9-17 will require similar infrastructure and have been included in the final engineering estimate prepared by engineers. The largest infrastructure improvements of the entire project are two bridges to be constructed over flood plain in Units 9-17.


Mission del Lago has a Homeowners Association (HOA) that is presently chaired and run by the current developer. The HOA includes an Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The current voting structure allows the developer to maintain control of the HOA until the project is two-thirds constructed. Until a two-thirds build-out is reached, the developer is allowed three (3) votes per unsold lot, while individual homeowners are allowed one (1) vote per lot.

One annual meeting is required, however there are usually an additional 1-3 homeowner requested meetings per year. Annual HOA dues are currently $145 and are anticipated to increase to $155 for 2013.

The HOA has five board members, two of whom are partners of the developer and the other three are homeowners nominated by the developer and serve 1 year terms.

The HOA and its Board are responsible for reviewing and determining the validity of homeowner demands and enforcing the HOA bylaws. Future amenity obligations of the HOA are not required, but some possible improvements considered by the developer include:

Soccer and/or football fields in 100-yr flood plain land

Multiple Playground Facilities in the northern and southern portions of the site

Walking trail along the northwestern quarter boundary of project to meet up with the hike and bike trail being installed by the City of San Antonio between now and 2013

Advocating for commercial uses including a day-care and assisted senior-living

Construction of a community center

Construction of a swimming pool

The HOA has an agreement in place with Julian C. Gallardo Elementary School for homeowner use of school playground facilities during non-school hours.

The City’s hike and bike trail is scheduled to be completed in 2013 and to run along the southwest quarter boundary of the project. The path will eventually be connected to paths already installed around the Toyota Plant.

Jim Mattox Park

The developer donated 3 acres of property to the City for a community park, directly east of the Mission del Lago public golf course. The City completed the first phase of the park development in November, 2011, which includes a tennis court, a picnic area and walking trails. A playscape is expected to be built in 2012 and a pavilion and additional picnic tables are also planned in the second phase.

Julian C. Gallardo Elementary School

Julian C. Gallardo Elementary School was built on land donated from the developer and is a part of the Southside Independent School District (SISD). Dr. Juan Jasso is the Superintendent of the Southside ISD and works closely with the developer. Under his tenure beginning in 2005, the Southside ISD School District has improved dramatically and is now ranked as a TEA “Recognized” district. Gallardo is a TEA “recognized” elementary school. The developer has a commitment to donate additional land for a second school, probably an intermediate or middle school.

Mitchell Lake

Mitchell Lake has traditionally been used to house storm water runoff and recycled water for the Southside, and currently serves as the main storm water basin for the Mission del Lago project.

Since the mid-1990’s it has been deemed a protected Bird Sanctuary and is a no-contact lake. The Mitchell Lake Audubon Center operates within the Mitchell Lake Wildlife Refuge and helps to protect this important migratory lake, considered one of the largest and most important bird sanctuaries in the Southwestern United States.

The Surrounding Community

San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the United States and 2nd largest in Texas. Since 2000, San Antonio has consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing US metropolitan areas. From 2000-2006 San Antonio-New Braunfels metro area ranked as the fourth fastest growing area of the country. From 2006-2008, San Antonio ranked as the fifth fastest growing American city.

Major Employers

 The Toyota Motor Company Plant

In 2003, Toyota opened a $1.5 billion Toyota Tundra assembly plant 2.5 miles southeast of Mission del Lago. This is their sixth plant in North America. The plant is currently the largest private employer in the Southside area of San Antonio and employs 1,694 people with employment in 2013 estimated to reach 2,000. The current fastest route between Mission del Lago and Toyota is 9 miles; however the Southside Initiative Community Plan calls for a connection road between Highway US 281 to State Highway 16 and would shorten the distance to less than 4 miles.

Texas A & M Campus San Antonio

The new satellite campus of Texas A & M opened for the 2011-2012 academic year with the first building having been completed in August 2011. Since 2009, the University has been housed in a former junior college and continues to have some classes at Brook City Base. According to the Texas College Board, enrollment is estimated to reach 25,000 students by 2025 and to become one of the largest public engines of growth in the San Antonio metropolitan area.

The campus is the first development in a future development named Verano. The land for the campus was donated to Texas A & M University from the developers of the forthcoming Verano project. When completed, Verano will be a 3,100 acre master planned live/work community that will have an estimated 2,500 single family homes, 3,375 multi-family homes, 1,000 condos and townhomes, and 5,977,200 square feet of commercial space. Verano is projected to be complete by 2024. There is no visible sign of any development in Verano except for the University as of date.

Military Bases

San Antonio is home to the largest concentration of military complexes in the United States and is nicknamed “Military City USA”. It is estimated that there are over 130,000 active military personnel living inside the San Antonio metropolitan area. The Department of Defense estimates the military presence in San Antonio generates $13.3 billion to the metropolitan area annually between employee salaries and private Defense contracting that sustains the local economy.  Military and tourism are two of the major basic employment industries that have helped San Antonio’s economy to thrive while other parts of the country were affected more severly by the recent National Economic Downturn.

In 2005, the Department of Defense instituted several base closures and consolidations as a part of its Base Realignment and Closure program (BRAC) nationwide. Base closures around the country will take effect by 2012 and will benefit San Antonio as 8,500 military personnel will be permanently relocated by 2011. Bases in San Antonio will remain open and will benefit economically from consolidations and generate an additional $8.3 billion in economic activity throughout the city. The Department of Defense estimates total economic impact of the military at $21.6 billion.

San Antonio has the largest concentration of retired military personnel in the United States. As of 2006, approximately 113,300 retired career military service men and women resided in San Antonio. San Antonio will likely benefit as aging Baby-Boomer service men and women retire to milder climates that provide lower costs of living.

Eagle Ford Shale Oil Business

The Eagle Ford Shale discovery has resulted in a major oil boom in South Texas, and South San Antonio is rapidly becoming a major center for this business as oil field service providers desire to centralize their Eagle Ford Operations in a major city like San Antonio that is better positioned to handle their needs than the smaller cities in South Texas where a majority of the drilling has occurred. Baker Hughes has started contruction on their  $30m large facility employing hundreds in Southeastern Bexar County, near Interstate 37 and US 81.  Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems, Inc. has started development on their $17.5m site at Loop 1604 and IH37 which has rumored to bring an additional 120 jobs.  Clearwater International LLC has planned a $19m chemical manufacturing facility off of Old Corpus Christi Road which should require an additional 50 jobs.   Halliburton has broken ground on their facility which will employ an estimated 1500 workers. Schlumberger is expected to open a site in this area soon as well. Companies will need to be approached concerning housing for their employees as there is a distinct shortage of housing stock to the South and Mission Del Lago is the closest project with shovel ready inventory.  Mission Del Lago also provides available commercial land to help meet the multi-family, retail, and office needs of this area.

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San Antonio Commercial Land for Sale – 72.39 Acres Available – Mission Del Lago Overview –

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