Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation –

Are you looking to lease commercial space?  What is tenant representation?

More than likely the landlord that you will lease from is represented by a commercial real estate broker to lease their space.  Did you know that you can have a broker represent you to find and negotiate your next lease transaction…and that you don’t have to pay them?  Just like when you purchase a home, the seller (landlord is selling space) will pay your broker’s commission.  If you can gain representation that you don’t have to pay for…why are you searching properties without advisement?

Our team of brokers and commercial real estate advisers can help you to identify available lease space options in your target geographical or demographic areas.  After all options are identified, we can assist you in understanding how properties differ in terms of rental rates, build-out expenses, and annual operating expenses.  Once the larger list has been limited, we can aid you to negotiate the terms of your lease and provide you with helpful vendors (attorneys, contractors, architects) to simplify your next site acquisition.

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