How can you prepare to sell your San Antonio Commercial Land Tract?

How can you prepare to sell your San Antonio Commercial Land Tract?

Below is a list of topics that we would recommend researching before you place your San Antonio Commercial Land Tract on the market for sale!

#1 Price – How much do you want to sell your San Antonio Commercial Land tract for?  Is your desired price in line with market for this type of property?   What improvements (horizontal or vertical) does your property have that others don’t?  Your commercial real estate broker’s relationship with seasoned commercial appraisers and civil engineers will be helpful in answering many of these questions.  We recommend that most of our commercial land clients order an appraisal before we begin marketing their property’s for sale.  We also recommend that they hire an engineer to educate them fully regarding their site’s improvements prior to bring a property to market.

#2 ALTA Survey – ALTA stands for American Land Title Association. ALTA Surveys are more detailed than most commercial real estate surveys and can often be more expensive and timely to have completed.  An ALTA survey specifies the property boundary lines, location of any improvements, identifies easements (access, water, gas, telephone, aviation, railway, utilities, etc).   My opinion is that sellers of San Antonio Commercial Land can increase the likelihood of a transaction occurring IF they will order an updated ALTA Survey prior to bringing a property to market.

#3 ZoningZoning is the process of planning for property use types by a local government to allocate certain kinds of structures in certain areas. In the State of Texas, Zoning regulation has been delegated to local political subdivisions from the State of Texas as shown in the Texas Local Government Code. This delegation causes zoning rules to remain different in many Texas Cities. Understanding the zoning of your San Antonio Commercial Land Tract will help you and your broker to market to the highest and best possible use.

#4 PlattingBefore most city’s will issue a permit to modify or build on a site, they require that the property be platted into a lot.  Platting can delay the process of selling your lot.  Engage with seasoned engineering experts to learn as much about the platting process and other factors that could delay your sale before bringing it to market.

Please understand that every San Antonio Commercial Land tract is different, so make sure to hire commercial real estate advisors familar with the property type and area.

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