Commercial Ground Leases May Solve Scarce Land Dilemma

Ground leases, also known as land leases, may offer value to both business owners and landowners. But it’s essential for both parties to conduct due diligence before committing. As vacant commercial lots become scarce and increasingly expensive to buy,  commercial ground leases can present a solution for businesses in the retail and fast-food sector. However,

How to Build a Good Relationship with Your Tenants

How to Build a Good Relationship with Your Tenants – Creating policies to deal with tenant requests creates a positive landlord-tenant relationship and protects your long-term property investment. Policies need to include time frames for dealing with complaints, tenant-landlord responsibilities, a list of qualified professionals, the various types of common requests that may be encountered

Why Building Owners Need to Stay Ahead of the Curve

 – Why Building Owners Need to Stay Ahead of the Curve –   Redevelopment of existing office buildings will be necessary to meet the ever-changing demands of the commercial marketplace. There is strong evidence to suggest that approximately 80% of the nation’s commercial building stock will still be standing for the next 10 to 15

Net and Gross Leases: What’s the Difference?

 Commercial tenants can quickly get bogged down in the differences between net and gross leases. There are distinct economic differences between the two lease types and their variations. Understanding those differences can mean a substantial savings when negotiating lease terms. Gross Lease A gross lease is an agreement whereby the tenant pays a fixed rental

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Business

For property and business owners alike, the location of a property plays a key role in the success of the business. Industrial property owners want areas with additional hydro and water access, retail outlets desire more foot traffic, and office owners want access to public parking and the amenities that attract professional clientele. The best

Four Ways to Get the Most Out of a Property Portfolio

With the uncertainty of global financial markets, investing for the future has never been more important. Developing a portfolio of income properties can ensure residual income for your future and that of your children. Following are tips to maximize your investment dollar and ensure sound retirement income with minimal effort: Make Sure the Tenants Pay

How Lease Purchase Options Can Benefit You in a Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Property ownership has become the pinnacle of real estate investment. As a result, business owners are seeking ways to purchase properties. One of the solutions is a lease purchase option. Lease purchase options allow business owners an opportunity to buy the property at some point in the future. This combines the security of a long-term lease with the ability