Commercial Real Estate Investment Analysis

Commercial Real Estate Investment Analysis – Do you need help analyzing the financial implications of your next commercial lease, commercial land deal, commercial development project, or commercial investment sale/purchase? There are two systems that most commercial tenants, landlords, buyers, or sellers use regularly in commercial real estate negotiations. System One—-How low or high they will they

Commercial Real Estate Disposition Services

Commercial Real Estate Disposition Services – Are you looking to lease commercial space, sell commercial land, sell a vacant building, or sell a net leased investment? Lease Space Disposition—Our team of brokers and commercial real estate advisers help landlords to understand where their buildings fall in relation to market/competition.  We can assist you in understanding how properties differ in terms of

Commercial Real Estate Transaction Management

Transaction Management ( Contracts, Attorney’s, Title, Lenders) – Would you like a team to help you with your Transaction Management? Once a deal has gone under contract and the earnest money goes “hard”…or an LOI has been submitted on a lease deal…it’s game time! We have assembled an outstanding network of attorneys, title companies, and

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Research

Due Diligence Research ( Architectural, Engineering, Survey & Environmental Review) – Would you like a team to help you with your Due Diligence Research? We have assembled a wide variety of commercial real estate experts to aid our clients in their due diligence research.  Our belief is that your commercial real estate broker should direct the communication

Commercial Real Estate Development and Construction Management Services

Development and Construction Management (Cost Analysis, Zoning, Easement, Utilities Study & Review) Are you looking for a team to help you manage the construction on your next lease transaction? Would you like help on your next commercial land development? Are you interested in learning more about trends in the San Antonio Medical Office Development industry? Are you a