Avoid Costly Re-Zoning: Research Zoning Rules First

– Avoid Costly Re-Zoning: Research Zoning Rules First –

When purchasing property for a business, the location often trumps all other features. However, new business owners, in particular, may fail to determine if the zoning for the building meets their company’s needs.

Re-zoning a property can be a costly and time-consuming process. By doing some initial research, you can confirm – before you purchase – that the property’s zoning meets or exceeds your needs.

  • Use your experienced commercial real estate agent. Your agent should know his or her way around local zoning laws and have many of the answers you need.

  • Use the local municipal offices. Municipal offices will have all the documentation on your building’s zoning restrictions. The restrictions may limit the amount of parking you will make available, and define what, if any, structures, additions, and upgrades to the property may be made.

  • Review the municipal building plan. Building plans are established to encourage the development of business in the surrounding area. These plans often provide some insight into whether you can apply for an exemption or minor variance as an alternative to completely re-zoning the property.

  • Explore the alternatives.  Although variances and exemptions happen, you may find that zoning rules conflict with your plans for the location. In this case, it’s wise to have an alternate site in mind. It can take months or years to re-zone a property, and you risk being turned down after every appeal.


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