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 San Antonio Commercial Real Estate – 10 Helpful Business Tips –

Fortunately, we have two “very different” brothers who run our San Antonio Commercial Real Estate Group. Each brother brings completely different skill-sets to the table for our clients. One brother, Luke, is short/basic/to the point (his blogs are short and sweet)…and the other brother (me) is long winded and detailed (why are combined blog articles are so diverse). The balance between us in our blog writing and our San Antonio Commercial Real Estate business produces better results. Don’t get me wrong…differing perspectives often produce some rather “heated” debates on how to best serve a client. The beauty of constructive debates (when the team knows they are in it together) is that the “truth” or common ground found “in between” differing perspectives…is where the best plans typically originate.


There are a few universal “Truths” that our mother (Mom is a top SA residential real estate agent), father (Dad is a top SA PI Attorney), grandfather (“Big Daddy” was a successful south Texas farm and ranch broker and County Commissioner), and countless other business mentors have taught us by example regarding business strategy. Hopefully our “truths” might help you and your business team to find your own. A fool is someone that feels that feels that they know the entire truth. A wise man or woman focuses on learning other people’s truths so that he or she find more truth in their own perspectives.


10 Helpful Business Tips – San Antonio Commercial Real Estate


Tip 1—-

Serve Your Clients better than you expect someone to serve you.

Tip 2—

Invest time in continued education.

Tip 3—

Learn from your failures.

Tip 4—

Associate with the “more experienced/tenured folks” in the business regularly so that you can learn from their failures. Victory comes from finding solutions to trials, not living on yesterday’s success.

Tip 5—

Study wisdom daily.

Tip 6—

Live “outside the box”.

Tip 7—

Manage your TIME (the only thing we really have to sell) effectively

Tip 8—

Be big enough…to be small enough…to make the deal

Tip 9—

Do the “little things” each day. Business/Life isn’t a sprint…do the “Little Things” each day to win the marathon!

 Tip 10—

Focus on the effort…and place faith in a higher power for the results.



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San Antonio Commercial Real Estate – Helpful Truths

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