Tenant Representation – Common Questions and Answers

Common Tenant Representation Questions and Answers:

Q— If I engage a commercial real estate agent to represent me, do I have to pay them?

A—No, the landlord’s listing agent (one who typically advertises the space by posting signs in front of buildings, working on behalf of the landlord /owner) obtains a listing agreement from the property owner that covers compensation for your (tenant’s) agent’s commission. This is a very similar process to when you purchase or sell a home.

Q— How can you help me with space coordination and construction management?

A—KW Commercial SA’s Tenant Representation representative can be your commercial lease space’s “developer” if you are interested in this added service (not required). Investors hire “developers” to manage their commercial real estate projects, so why wouldn’t you when leasing your space? In addition to finding/negotiating a lease deal, we can help you with finding/negotiating with space planners/architects, general contractors, banks, and other vendors that you would typically have to manage as the tenant. Our experience in representing landlords and tenants in leasing, as well as our experience in developing commercial office buildings, allows the ability to provide a “well-rounded” level of representation you as a tenant in the market place.

Q— I can’t decide if I should lease or own. What should I do?

A—There is no “box” answer for this question. KW Commercial SA’s job is to help you to find “your” answer. Our team of agents can help in compiling all potential (both on and off market) properties in your desired area both for lease and for rent. Once the properties are compiled, we can assist in detailed financial analysis comparing the benefits and negatives to owning or leasing your commercial space. Once we fully understand both the short term and long term financial implications of this analysis, we can assist in the analysis of other important business concerns that can help us to aid you in finding “your” decision.

Q—Does it matter what type of business I am in when analyzing my site?

A—-Yes, if you are a retailer you could need demographic and traffic count analysis assistance from our agents. If you are a part of a physician group, you might need help analyzing patient zip codes and drive times to local hospitals. If you are an industrial user, you could need assistance with ceiling height and overhead door (grade versus dock) requirements. If you are an office user this could be determining whether the property’s “add-on factor” is in line with other buildings in the market area. Much like you would hire an expert physician if you needed surgery or the best possible attorney if were involved in a law suit, it is our recommendation that you hire an expert to represent you in your leasing journey.

Q— What does triple net mean?

A—Triple NET or NNN refers to the landlord’s reimbursement of expenses from the tenant for Common Area Maintenance (N1 = CAM), Property Taxes (N2), and Property Insurance (N3). You will find many triple net leases in commercial real estate properties largely because of the ease of investment analysis in acquisition/disposition. If you were to sign a triple net lease, you pay the landlord base rent plus these additional expenses to have the right to lease your space from them. Most retail leases are triple net and we are starting to see a trend for other types of product (health care, general office, and even some industrial) to go this route. Modified Gross, Full Service, double net, and a variety of other leases are common in the marketplace today. The key is hiring representative that can educate you so that you can make a better decision for your company.

KW Commercial SA’s Tenant Representation Services:

  • Site Selection & Acquisition Services

  • Market Analysis & Needs Assessment

  • Space Coordination and Construction Management

  • Transaction Management

  • San Antonio Tenant Representation

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